Clarkston's Mr. Basketball candidate Foster Loyer talks to The D Zone about his success and more in this Q&A Interview

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Kenny Jordan
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Jeff Corrion

Foster Loyer has had an incredible journey as a student-athlete at Clarkston High School.

Loyer has been a part of three incredible runs by Clarkston and is in the midst of the fourth as The Wolves are 13-1 (7-0) and are in control of the OAA-Red conference race.

The D Zone’s Kenny Jordan had an opportunity to sit down and talk to Loyer about everything from his preparation to what he hopes to accomplish at the next level.

Not only has Loyer helped deliver Clarkston a State Championship as a basketball player but he’s also been a student and a fan for Clarkston football who won the 2017 Division 1 State Championship this last Fall and that’s a big deal to Loyer.

“I always give love for my football boys. We’re trying to go back-to-back and get Football and Basketball this year.”

Question (Kenny Jordan / The D Zone): How do you prepare for a game?

Answer (Foster Loyer): “I go to school, come home my mom has the same meal for me everyday. I’ll take a nap and come back before the JV game and try and get some shots up. Then I put my headphones in and lock-in.”

Question: You recently scored your 2,000th point how did that feel?

Loyer: “It was a great feeling. It was great to be able to do it at home for our fans, we have such great support.”

Question: What’s the target on your back as the defending State Champions?

Loyer: “Each night we know we’ll get the opposing team's best game. We come in just knowing we have to play harder. We come in with a target on our back but with that comes a chip on our shoulder.”

Question: What’s it like playing with guys like C.J. Robinson and Taylor Currie?

Loyer: “Having the great teammates I do only makes myself better, and I make them better at practice everyday. Then playing in the game they take the pressure off if I’m struggling to shoot the ball they’re there to step-up. As a team we feed off each other.”

Question: What’s Thomas Kithier role on the team?

Loyer: “Thomas is here battling with us everyday at practice. He helps a lot of young big guys especially Taylor (Currie), it makes both of them better and helps for in-game situations.”

Question: What’s your relationship with Coach Fife?

Loyer: “I’ve gotten to know Coach Fife well these past four or five years, and each day he has an expectation of you. Coach Fife is a great person not only coach and is preparing us for not only basketball but life after basketball. With everything he’s done for me I can’t say enough about him.”

Question: What does Clarkston mean to you?

Loyer: “Clarkston has a tremendous fan base with each and every sport. I haven’t been to very many games even away games where we don’t have the most fans there. To have that support it’s amazing to go out and play in front of them.”

Question: What kind of example do you set for younger kids?

Loyer: “They learn what hard work looks like. The young guys take a lot away from our practices even if they might not be getting a lot of playing time right now, they have an expectation of continuing to get better.”

Question: What can we expect of your little brother Fletcher?

Loyer: “I think Fletcher will be a great player. I think he’ll be a little taller than me but he can really shoot it and I look forward to watching him progress the next couple of years.”

Question: What’s your relationship like with the other Michigan State commits?

Loyer: “I know all of my future teammates pretty well. I’ve played against all of them and they just have a great sense of doing anything it takes for the team and we’ve built some great friendships to just continue to build that family atmosphere at MSU.”

Question: What are your expectations for your time at MSU?

Loyer: “Take advantage of the opportunities they gave me, continue to get better and stronger. Playing time should be determined by how hard I work this summer but I’m excited for the opportunity.”

Loyer is a candidate and some say is the frontrunner for Mr. Basketball award this year. He’s averaging 26 Points, 6.0 assists, and 3.9 steal per game while shooting 52% inside the 3 point line and 51% behind the arc and is at a 88% mark from the free throw line.

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